Meet CTeen Hungary

5 months ago Shai Fichtelberg 0
Shai Fichtelberg// CTeen Sonoma County, California With a new year comes a new CTeen chapter. Just a few months ago, Tzemmy and Sophie Bassman moved to Budapest, Hungary, from the United States, in the hopes of establishing a program for Jewish youth in Hungary. Sophie Bassman shares how important it is to give others the Read More

TGIS 2020

6 months ago Shai Fichtelberg 0
Rachel Rouhani//CTeen Plano, Texas  Sophie Edelstein//CTeen Milwaukee,Wisconsin What is TGIS you ask? TGIS stands for “Thank Gosh It’s Shabbat!” This acronym serves as the theme for a weekend in November when many CTeen chapters worldwide host Shabbat programing.Shabbat is what unifies the Jewish people, and gives us strength for the upcoming week. This is why Read More

CTeen Gone Virtual!

7 months ago Shai Fichtelberg 0
Katie Freedman// CTeen Manchester, UK During this pandemic, meeting up with friends and family has become a great challenge and it has affected all of our lives.  However, CTeen and it’s amazing chapters around the world have managed to keep in contact with their teens which has made our chapters stronger than ever. I am Read More

CTeen Kickoffs

7 months ago Shai Fichtelberg 0
Allan Feldman// CTeen Palo Alto, CA The new year has kicked off for CTeen chapters around the world, and what better time to start than on Rosh Hashanah? Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, chapters have found sweet ways to connect with their peers and celebrate the new year, even if it’s virtual or six feet apart. Read More

Top 5 things to do during Corona…Inspired by the Rebbe!

12 months ago Shai Fichtelberg 0
By Elie Glaser// CTeen of Leeds 1. Learn some Torah! Are you always making a mental note to learn some Torah each week but never actually get round to it? Does something ‘more important’ always come up? It’s okay, we all do it. Why not take this time we’ve been lumbered with, and use it Read More

CTeen Connection’s Guide to an Awesome Passover Seder

1 year ago Shai Fichtelberg 0
This year, all around the world, many Jewish families will be hosting their first Pesach Seder at home. This can seem like a daunting task with so many preparations to be made and steps to follow be we are here, to make this a little easier, and help you host your hopefully first, of many, Read More

Heritage Quest Changed Everything

1 year ago Shai Fichtelberg 0
By Allan Feldman// CTeen of Palo Alto, California I am not very religious. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t shy away from attending Shabbat services on Saturday mornings, but for the most part I grew up secular. When I had the opportunity to go on the CTeen Heritage Quest, I felt it was my Read More

Tips For The INTL Shabbaton

1 year ago Shai Fichtelberg 1
Going to the CTeen INTL Shabbaton for the first, or even second or third time can be the most exciting and nervous feeling ever. Not knowing what is going to happen or who you will meet can be nerve wracking, trust me, I know. Sometimes just throwing yourself into the unknown can be exhilarating, but Read More

Thankful for CTeen

1 year ago Shai Fichtelberg 0
As we look through our years, or maybe only our months, at CTeen we see there is so much to be thankful for. CTeen has provided each and everyone of us with a sense of Jewish pride we can’t find every day at school or hanging out with friends. When we walk away from a Read More

MidWest Shabbaton Recap

1 year ago Shai Fichtelberg 0
This year, I had the opportunity to go—as the only Californian—to the Midwest TGIS Shabbaton with CTeen Naperville. It was so special to not only go to my first regional shabbaton (which just so happened to not be my region), but to also visit four girls who went with me on CTeen Heritage Quest this Read More
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