Yom HaShoa Poems

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By Itamar Aviani//Panama

Six Million

How innocent the child was born
Into an empire full of hatred
Not knowing what was to come

It all started
When the kids at school got mean
And he lost his right to education

One day
Police officers from the capital
Came to their house

They had only an hour
To gather belongings
And leave

How the child didn’t know what was to come

He was told they were moving houses
So they did,
Into the small apartments
In a walled off area of the city
Where all the Jews were forced to

And so life went on
Another two families had now joined them
In the two room apartment

Life in the Ghetto was hard
Illness spread and hunger grew
Death was as common as a cold

One day there was a shooting
A guard had noticed some kids
Trying to run away
The child knew
They were as innocent as him

They were forced out of their houses
Now onto a train
The soldiers said they were going to work

They were taken to a camp
A sign read:
“Work Makes Free” in German
How an innocent child
Was being thrown
Right into the monster’s claws

Within minutes of arrival
He was stripped of his clothes
And his hair was shaved off
He was a resident
Of Aushwits

He was strong and handy
But the rest of his family were weak
His two sisters
Females were useless
His parents were old

The boy was now a witness

To the brutal murders
Of his own family
Friends and all those he knows
Twelve thousand a day

And when something descended from the sky
He knew
It was neither rain nor snow
But the ashes of those who were killed

He was a witness to the bombers
Bombing all around the camp
Hopes were high
Maybe one would hit
A gas chamber
A crematorium
The railway
On which trains were now pouring in on
Harder and faster than any rain or snow
Bringing innocents to their deaths

Not a single bomb hit any
And the only rain he ever saw
Was ash

He was growing I’ll
Getting weaker by the day
Until eventually,
His ash rained on the whole camp
He disappeared,
One out of
Six million



Burning bodies

Satan was at work
He was feeding the hounds
Their daily serving
Of twelve thousand lives

But torture was more
Not just your own painful death
But being a witness
To the deaths of your loved ones

The chimneys of hell were releasing ash
As bodies were fed to the fires within

So many prying eyes
Yet not a single angel
Came to help
As the puss kept pouring out of wounds

Eyes witnessed this from inside
Day and night
Until they all, with their bodies
Rained onto this hell
Of Auschwitz