Why I’m Skipping Prom–Again

5 years ago csegal 0

Yes, it’s finally officially spring. Bring on the flowers, bring on the allergies, and bring on the final exams.


But wait–it’s spring. That means it’s…


Prom season.


But, I’m not going to prom. Again.


Yeah, I know: you probably think that I’m crazy. Especially because I’m ditching it for–get this–Shabbat.


But wait, there’s more: I ditched it last year, too. For–you guessed it–a shabbaton.


Prom is what everyone thinks of when they think of high school; little kids look forward to it and it’s what adults remember from “the good old days.” It’s a night of fun, dancing, and partying: just the usual teenage stuff.


On the other hand, there’s Shabbat: a day filled with meaning–a full twenty-five hours without electronics and the like–a day to commit to forming real, authentic connections with those around you.


Prom: a night filled with good music and amazing memories with your friends.


Shabbat dinner: a night filled with prayers and bonding time with those you care about.


When given the two on a scale, most people that I know would lean towards prom, an obvious choice. I mean, it’s PROM–a night to wear a pretty dress, ride in a limo, and feel like royalty for a few hours.


However, to me, Shabbat feels like a day in the palace. It’s a day when you leave the everyday aside–you drop the phone, lose the car keys, and turn off the TV. It’s a time to not only connect spiritually with Hashem, but also with those around you on a real level–without Instagram or Snapchat interfering. It’s a whole day to fill with forming and growing connections that too often get lost or frayed during the wear and tear of the week. I have found it extremely difficult in this day and age to really connect with people–to talk to friends not about school and different stressors, but about our priorities and goals in life, about how we view different things, and about things that we are struggling with.


But Shabbat isn’t only about strengthening our connections with others. It’s also about strengthening our connection with ourselves. All too often, we go through life letting people walk all over us and telling us what our priorities are and what to believe in. During Shabbat, I have found that it is easier for me to take a step back and reset my goals for who I want to be and how I want to go about life, without others telling me how to live.


Shabbat is that outlet for me, the one where I really get to put my life on pause and reflect, and I look forward to it every week. It’s also a time to lean back and breathe for the first time in a week filled with tests and homework and to just relax. When you think about it, it’s kind of like a mini weekly vacation–is that not amazing?


So yes, I might be missing the “best night of my life.” And, . . . I’m okay with that. Because, ultimately, refocusing my mindset and enhancing my connections with those around me is a higher priority of mine that dancing through the night.


However you decide to spend the evening, I hope you have an amazing Friday night:)


Shabbat Shalom!