Verses in Verse: Vayetze (Week 7)

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Ethan Benenson// Hunterdon County, NJ

From exile to Joseph and his Brethren,

This is Vayetze,

Parsha number seven.

Fleeing his wild and spiteful brother,

Yaakov is sent to his uncle’s house by his mother.

Now what do the Temple and ladders have in common?

They were both in a dream Yaakov had when he stopped his journey to daven.

He slept on the site of the future Temple mount,

And dreamt in the night of a ladder reaching up to heaven on which angels scurried about.

This vision has a million different interpretations,

But what is sure is the holiness of this place among all the world’s locations;

It is where Yaakov’s covenant was made,

And Hashem promised Yaakov that the land of Canaan would be his and that he should never be afraid.

Yaakov’s uncle Laban had two daughters: Rachel and Leah,

Though Yaakov loved just Rachel, so he worked seven years to marry her in the 3rd Aliyah.

But at the wedding Laban switched his daughters and tricked Yaakov into marrying the other,

So Yaakov was forced to work another seven years to marry his real lover.

Through the total fourteen years,

Leah bore seven children and the two maids bore two each, while Rachel was left in tears.

Eventually she gave birth to Joseph who would become Yaakov’s favorite son,

And later would give birth to Benyamin, his other one.

Now Yaakov wanted to finally leave,

But Laban began to grieve.

They made a deal that Yaakov would continue to tend Laban’s flocks and as payment take all the spotted sheep,

But as the strong sheep began to only give birth to spotted ones, Laban only continued to weep.

After six years Yaakov sneaked back away,

And with all his riches, sons, and wives, he went back to Canaan to stay… or so he thought.

Thus ends parsha number seven,

Reminding us to have faith, patience, and hope above all, in its ultimate, beautiful lesson.