Verses in Verse: Vayeshev (Week 9)

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Ethan Benenson// Hunterdon County, NJ

“The Dreamer Who Wasn’t Stranded”

Favorites, dreams, and a dreadful decline-

For this is Vayeshev, Parshah number nine.

Of all his sons, Yaakov loved Yosef the most,

And of this Yosef would always boast.

By his brothers Yosef was very much loathed,

Especially after he solicited Yaakov’s special coat.

Eventually Yosef’s brothers got so fed-up,

They threw Yosef in a pit the next time they met up.

It was in this pit that Yosef suffered and starved,

Until he was sold to merchants who then for Egypt departed.

The merchants sold Yosef to Potiphar’s estate,

And Yosef prospered in the house and became great.

But when Yosef rejected Potiphar’s wife and her lust,

All of Yosef’s good fortune turned to dust.

Potiphar’s wife told her husband that it was Yosef who did wrong,

So Yosef was thrown in prison…though his misery did not last long.

With his compassion and kindness he got an important position,

And met the Pharaoh’s butler and baker who had just been sent to prison.

The Baker and Butler each had dreams of their own,

And Yosef interpreted that only the Butler would return to serve the throne.

Yosef asked the Butler to remember Yosef’s name

And to tell Pharaoh about him when the right time came.

But when the Butler was freed he completely forgot,

Until Pharaoh himself an interpreter sought…

At times it seems that we have been abandoned;

Sometimes it seems that Hashem has left us stranded.

But Yosef teaches us to never lose hope,

Because Hashem is with us, and there is no time to mope.