Using our time to grow

3 years ago Sarah Hinkediker 0

As most of us may know, the world right now is in going through a pandemic. Most of us are in quarantine, in our houses doing school work or other activities to keep ourselves  entertained. I had the unfortunate situation of not being able to fly back home for passover, and I got stuck in Israel with no way to return home. A very nice friend offered me to stay over at her house during the holiday so I would not be alone in my dorm this whole time. I imagined that all I would do all day was schoolwork and be on my phone and hang out, but being with this family made me change my perspective of time and productivity to another level. 

Instead of every day waking up and being on my phone for hours, we made mornings more meaningful by including a short study of Tanya, which is a very amazing and interesting book that has many beautiful teachings which we can apply into our daily lives. Every day I would learn something new that I did not know before, which opened up my interest into wanting to learn more. In addition to our daily Tanya studies every night before going to bed my friend and I would read a letter that the Rebbe had written in response to someone who had a question, which also taught me a lot about life and made my day much more meaningful. One of my favorite things to do  was hearing beautiful Jewish stories every shabbat meal. Every story, no matter how simple or short it was, had a beautiful message behind it.

In my time being with this family I learned that there are many simple ways in which we can make our days more meaningful. By just spending some time learning something that we can apply into our daily lives instead of spending the whole day doing schoolwork and being on my phone. We can also dedicate our learning for those who are sick and use our free time to do a good deed for those who need it the most at the moment. I realized I  was doing something that would stay with me forever and which made me want to continue learning and growing and not using “not having enough time to learn” as an excuse, since even 5 minutes of learning can make your whole day much more meaningful.