Unique menorahs to purchase this Chanukah

1 year ago The Connections Staff 0

Chloe Baker// Fairfax, VA

With Chanukah just around the corner, we will soon start to revive our menorahs! No Chanukah is complete without a beautiful menorah illuminating the home and shining through the window. Though I love a traditional silver or gold Menorah, there are endless possibilities of unique ones to purchase before the first night of Chanukah on November 28th. 

Before we jump into shopping, let’s take a look at what makes a menorah kosher. Firstly, it must have nine candle holders, but one of them — the shemash — must be set apart or taller than the others and its candle is used to help light others. The candles must be arranged in a straight line, not in a semicircle, triangle, zig-zag, etc. And lastly, if it is an oil menorah, the cups must be able to hold enough oil for an hour and a half of burning.

Now, let’s get to shopping! Click on the links in our descriptions to be directed to the sites.

Pomegranate Menorah

This gorgeous menorah caught my eye as I was scrolling through Etsy. I have always been a fan of pomegranates; their delicious taste, but also their importance in Judaism, is something I’ve always valued. This menorah is sure to light up the night and remind us of the 613 mitzvot of the Torah.

Israel Shaped Menorah

Though this menorah from Etsy may be minimalistic, it reminds me of my past summer in Israel (go CTeen Heritage Quest!) and brings back nothing but happy memories. It’s a reminder of our homeland that is always waiting for us. Next year in Jerusalem!

RBG I Dissent Menorah

A tribute to a Jewish powerhouse. This menorah, also from Etsy, features Ruth Bader Ginsburg standing atop a white and gold menorah. The white detailing on the cubes adds a nice touch, and the portrayal of Ruth is very accurate, right down to her green earrings. This menorah is the perfect way to honor her memory.

Hand-Painted Bagels Menorah

Who doesn’t love a good bagel? This fun menorah from Modern Tribe features eight different bagels for eight nights of fun, with the vendor acting as the shemash. I guess these bagels must be on fire!