Understanding our purpose in life

6 years ago Sarah Hinkediker 0


Some of us may wonder about our exact purpose in life.  Why are we so significant to this world? There are other 7 billion people in this world…how can I, a young and powerless person can make an impact? No way! It can’t be possible.


Well, the truth is that every little thing we do in our everyday lives can indeed make an impact. From the second we wake up until the time we go to bed we are making an impact. The question is do we make an impact, but rather how we can make an impact.


From the moment we are conceived that, it is clear that Hashem decided that the world can’t keep on going without us! Just imagine Hashem, our creator, the creator of the whole world realizing that this world needs one more special Neshamah to fulfill its mission in this world. It’s amazing!


We are all born with a mission in this world. We never get to know exactly what our mission is, but when we approach a positive opportunity such as doing a mitzvah we always have to think “who knows if I was created for this very moment!” Imagine if we would have this thought go through our minds every single time we do something. Our lives would be so much more meaningful to us!


There is one simple, but meaningful thing we can do that can help us get as close as possible to fulfilling our mission in this world. The Hebrew word for this action is “Chesed” which means loving-kindness.  Chesed is going an extra mile for another human being, doing the right thing even if we don’t want to. The world can become a little more loving and a little more kind because we lived in it!


The kindness that we show to others can make an impact! If we spend our lives giving to others, we will have made an impact. Then, our lives would have been worth living.

It may not always feel simple or comfortable to put yourself out there and reach out to others. Start with simple steps such as a saying “Hi” to someone passing by or just by giving a when you give, you receive back even more than what you gave.