The Many Languages of CTeen

6 years ago hkaplun 0
Hello, Privet, Shalom, Nǐ hǎo, Hola, Bonjour, Olá, Buna, Yeoboseyo So many languages, one tiny world. For the first five years of my life, I spoke only Russian. Growing up as a first generation American, it is never out of the ordinary for me to flip flop between English, Russian, and Ranglish (a mix of Read More

Top 10 Things to be Thankful For!

7 years ago Archive 0
Top Ten Things We Should Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving (And Year Round)! Are you that one person who shrugs at the Thanksgiving table, when it’s your turn to say what you’re thankful for? Do you struggle to find one thing to feel grateful for? Me too! I’ve got you covered, and this year you Read More

A Year (or Three) in Review

8 years ago ToriElisheva 0
Tori Bischoff St. Petersburg, FL As my time in CTeen has drawn to a close, it’s given me time to reflect on the last three years, the opportunities I was given, and the person I’ve become. Nothing can compare to the past three years. When we started CTeen in St. Petersburg, Florida I was fifteen Read More

Head to Head: Sephardi vs. Ashkenazi Pesach!

8 years ago Archive 0
Kitniyot, charoset, silan, haggadahs, etc. it can all be very overwhelming! At first glance there are quite a few glaring differences between an Ashkenazi, and Sephardi Seder, but if we really dig deep you’ll notice that the two aren’t that far off from each other. Let’s start with arguably the one of the most important Read More

My Journey to Tznius

8 years ago ToriElisheva 0
Tori Bischoff, St. Petersburg, FL At about this time last year ­I was packing for my second CTeen Int’l Shabbaton in Crown Heights. After much consideration, I decided that for the first time in my life I would dress according to tznius, the Jewish standards of modesty, for longer than just shabbos dinner at the Read More

Parshat Ki Tisa!

8 years ago Archive 0
This week we read parshat Ki Tisa! In this week’s parshah the people of Israel are all told to give half a sheckel of silver over to the Sanctuary. In addition, instructions are provided for the making of a water basin, anointing oil, and incense for the Sanctuary. “Wise hearted” artisans: Betzalel and Aholiav are Read More

Tzniuts True Meaning

8 years ago Risa Mond 0
When the word tzniut is said, ones mind automatically directs to how someone should dress. However, one’s actions should accompany how she/he dresses, which is why tzniut means more than just appropriate dressing, it also means appropriate speech and actions. To me, tzniut means dignity, self-respect, creating a definition for yourself that is not based Read More

Power of YOUth

8 years ago Risa Mond 1
Power of YOUth, something CTeen instills in all of us Jewish teens. But what really does this mean, “Power of YOUth”? To Meriam-Webster, power means “ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.” This definition is exactly what we need to realize, us youth have this special “power” that can help change Read More
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