Top Ten Ways You Know Passover is Around the Corner

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Top Ten Ways You Know It’s Almost Passover


Since passover is just around the corner here is list of the top ten ways you know passover is coming.


Number 1 :  Turning over your house for passover.

You know Passover is around the corner when your house gets flipped upside and cleaned inside out! Some people Spring clean, we Pesach clean (and trust me, it’s much more rigorous!).


Number 2: Passover food

What would a holiday be without food? You know Passover is here when the matza, horseradish, boiled potatoes, and salt water make an appearance at your dinner table!


Number 3: Spending time with family

If you’re family is like mine, they’ll be arriving by the busload to spend Passover with us. Don’t be surprised if you walk into your kitchen before Passover and find your extended family grating horseradish and peeling apples for charoset!


Number 4:  Chame-what?!

With Passover only a few days away, you’d have to work pretty hard to find chametz (leaven food items) in your cabinets, cupboards or fridge.


Number 5: The cooking


Some people think the Thanksgiving meal takes a lot of work! Well, they’ve never been to a Passover seder before! The seder plate, the meal, and all that matza…is my stomach the only one rumbling? Yum, yum!


Number 6:  Hearing the story of Passover


What better way to prepare for Passover than to hear the story of the Israelites redemption from Egypt? As it says: In every generation a person must see themselves as though they too left Egypt. What are you waiting for? Crack open the Haggadah and take a trip down history’s memory lane.

Number 7: Preparing the seder   


Get that Seder plate out of storage, it’s time to set up the seder table!


Number 8 : That Spring feeling!

Passover always brings Spring and it’s glorious weather along with it—well, in most places! There’s nothing better than the crisp feeling of Spring after a brutal winter.


Number 9: Checking for and burning chametz

Checking for and burning chametz is one of the necessary and interesting steps that lead us into the holiday of Passover. It’s like a scavenger hunt and a bonfire all in one!



Number 10: The seder itself

Now that Passover is almost here, it’s time to prepare for the best part: The Seder! The stories, songs, discussions, and food make up one of the happiest—and longest!—events on the Jewish calendar.