Top 5 things to do during Corona…Inspired by the Rebbe!

3 years ago The Connections Staff 0

By Elie Glaser// CTeen of Leeds

1. Learn some Torah!

Are you always making a mental note to learn some Torah each week but never actually get round to it? Does something ‘more important’ always come up? It’s okay, we all do it. Why not take this time we’ve been lumbered with, and use it as a blessing – use it to finally spend those 5 minutes reading that passage your Rabbi pointed out to you, or check out the mass of Torah learning videos on YouTube. I promise you won’t regret it!

As the Rebbe put it…

‘One moment of Torah and Mitzvot is eternal… for through them you are bound to the eternal G-d and entirely transcend the boundaries of time’

2. Focus on being kind

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh Elie, so cringe! So cliché!’ But hear me out…

Obviously, we all like to think of ourselves as kind people, yet how many of us can honestly say that we will relentlessly choose to make a kind choice over a productive, fun, or relaxing one? How many of us will prioritize dropping off food to that homeless man or checking in on your lonely neighbor when we have a mountain of homework to do, a list of chores to work through, and plans to make for this weekend? It’s tough, but now more than ever is the time to put kindness first! It won’t cost you anything to ring the old woman next door and see how she’s doing. In fact, you’ll even feel better about yourself if you text your friend seeing if she needs any help with the online school work.

In the Rebbe’s words…

‘To be kind is more important than to be right’

3. Take time for self-care

Yep, you read it right. Give yourself some tender loving care, or TLC as I put it, because you deserve it! Times are rough, so just like you’ve got to be there for those around you, be there for yourself, too. Whatever it is that makes you feel your best – video games, face masks, baking… If it makes you happy, make time for it.

For, the Rebbe taught…

‘Joy is wonderful. Through it, one can escape the worst of circumstances’

4. Keep healthy

Remember, your body is the home of your soul so look after it! Do a workout every so often or eat an apple instead of that chocolate bar. You don’t have to come out of quarantine looking like a model (I certainly won’t!) but by treating your body with respect and giving it the TLC we give our minds, we unleash a new lease of life for ourselves.

After all, the Rebbe told us…

‘Drink, eat, jump and dance as much as you can stand tonight’

5. Challenge yourself to try something new

Get outside of your comfort zone! Find something you’re not so good at and work at it. Uncover your hidden talent for songwriting. Ignite your artistic spark with a painting of your dog. Anything you haven’t done before. Anything you wish you could do but never tried properly. Now is the time! What’s stopping you?

As The Rebbe said…

‘The thinker must do. The doer must think’

                No matter what it is you’re doing to fill the time, keep these words in mind:

‘Think good, and it will be good’