Top 10 Things to be Thankful For!

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Top Ten Things We Should Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving (And Year Round)!

Are you that one person who shrugs at the Thanksgiving table, when it’s your turn to say what you’re thankful for? Do you struggle to find one thing to feel grateful for? Me too! I’ve got you covered, and this year you can be that person who has 10 things to be thankful for!

1.Food: G-d willing you’re spending your Thanksgiving in a warm home, eating a delicious (although maybe dry) turkey, with yams, and stuffing. Surely your mother has made enough food to last until Chanukah, so you’ll have amazing open face turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce for the next week. Although we take this food for granted, billions of teenagers just like you and me, will spend November 26th—and many other days throughout the year—with an empty stomach. Make a bracha before you take a bite into that delicious looking meal, and thank Hashem for all the wonderful food you have.

2.Family: If you can try your best to see past the pumpkin pies, you might notice who you’re eating with. Someone put in the effort to cook this enormous dinner, someone decided to spend this holiday with you, and even if your younger siblings wake you up at 5:00 AM, even if your parents bug you about the SAT’s every day, you love them, and they love you. Our families are the most important part of our lives. Be sure to thank them for everything they do—and don’t wait until you’re sitting at the Thanksgiving table to do it!

3.Friends: Ah, friends…the family you choose. You don’t stay up until 3:00 AM eating candy,and having a dance party with your parents. You can’t pass your grandfather notes in Physics class, and you should be super thankful for these friends because they chose you too. Make sure you thank your friends for being a part of your life the next time you seen them!

4.Education: Thank G-d, we live in a country where we all have the right to an equal education. You may not be thankful on Monday mornings, or when you’re in the middle of writing an essay on the Civil War, but billions of kids across the world, don’t have the opportunity to go to a library and read a book, like we all have.

5.A Home: Hey, remember that place you were just eating mashed potatoes in? Even if it’s not much, even if it’s a tiny little house, it’s your home. It’s a place where Hashem feels welcome, it’s a place where you can relax with family and friends, and avoid the frigid winter.

6.Community: As Jews, we all look out for each other. We create a community of people, who will protect you, comfort you, and rejoice with you. No matter where you live, you can always find a welcoming Jewish community (even if you have to drive a few miles to find it).

7.A Synagogue: G-d willing there’s a synagogue near you, but even if there isn’t you can pray anywhere, and Hashem will listen. As long as you have a prayer book, the lines of communication between you and Hashem are open.

8.Israel: Even though it’s under attack, even though innocent mothers, and brothers, and daughters are murdered each day, our homeland still exists. We still have a home in the in midst of this crazy, turmoil-filled universe.

9.Life: As cheesy as it sounds, you said Shema last night, without knowing if you’d have the privilege to say Modeh Ani the next morning, thanking G-d for another day on this earth. Every day is a gift, we should all cherish and be thankful for,

10.And last but certainly not least: Hashem: He’s always out there protecting us, and watching over us. The first nine items on this list would not exist without Him.

Being grateful is one of the keys to a happy life. Make sure you take every opportunity to be thankful for what you have! Don’t wait until the 26th to feel grateful—start now! Happy Thanksgiving!