Things that could only happen at the NYC Shabbaton!

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By Carly Tamer/West Suffolk County, NY

With the 10th Annual NYC Shabbaton coming up, let’s take a look back at the awesome things that could only happen when you get 2,500 CTeeners in one city!


  • Hundreds of Jewish teens on one subway


Every year, we travel around the city to explore by subway! There is nothing crazier than hundreds of CTeeners dancing on the seats and singing to Jewish music on the subway!


  • Thousands of Jewish teens at a concert in Times Square


After Shabbat, thousands of CTeeners from around the globe gather in the heart of Times Square for an amazing concert. The feeling of excitement is infectious! Almost every screen has the CTeen logo, a picture of a CTeen chapter, or the Rebbe!

  • Teens from 20 different countries gathered in one place


At every meal, presentation, and adventure during the trip you meet someone from a new country! It’s not only amazing to meet people of other cultures, but to meet other Jews from across the globe!


  • Rabbis doing flips on the subway


If you check out the video below you can see one of our Rabbi’s doing a flip around the subway handle! There is never a dull moment on the NYC Shabbaton.


  • Touring world famous sights in New York City

This Shabbaton gives you the chance to explore some famous landmarks in NYC with your friends! You can choose places such as the Statue of Liberty, the Wax Museum, the Freedom Tower, and so much more!


  • A spiritual connection with thousands of  other Jewish teens


When you meet someone new, whether they’re from a different country or speak a different language, there is an instant connection simply because you share the joy of Judaism. It’s incredible to experience this for an entire weekend.

  • Boat ride around the waters of New York City


At the start of the Shabbaton, chapters get the chance to sail around the waters of NYC with friends at night! On the boat, you can enjoy a delicious meal, amazing music, and meet new people!

  • Thousands of teens united for one Shabbat dinner

Shabbat dinner on the international Shabbaton is an experience like no other. So many Jewish teens in one room celebrating Shabbat together and eating an amazing meal is awesome.

We’re so excited for this year’s international shabbaton in New York City. Although thousands of Jewish teens unite, the feeling is of one united spiritual group. What new experiences can we make this year?

Want to live the magic? Check out my recap video from last year!