The Embassy Move to Jerusalem

5 years ago Noah Roffe 0

December 06, 2017 will always be an historic date for Jewish nation. On this day, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, officially recognized Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jews, as the capital of Israel, and announced that the US will move its embassy to Jerusalem!

Since its establishment, Israel’s capital has been Jerusalem, even though Tel Aviv was recognized as the capital by most of the international community. As of now, about ninety countries have their embassies—their offices of ambassadors and the centers of foreign relations—in Tel Aviv. Since Israel was declared a state in the city, many countries, unfortunately, are mistaken and believe that Tel Aviv is the nation’s capital and not Jerusalem.

Jerusalem has also been the capital of the Jewish people for eternity—G-d declared it as the city where many historical events in Jewish history would occur and King David made it the capital of his kingdom.

Ever since its establishment, Israel’s political capital has been Jerusalem. Its parliament, supreme court, and government offices are all located there. But Jerusalem is so much more than just a political capital; it is the center of our religion and faith. Its beauty and religious significance to the Jewish people makes this city the holiest place on earth. In addition, Jerusalem has been the Jews’ religious capital for all eternity.

America is the first country to announce that it is moving its embassy into Jerusalem, and the impact of its actions are enormous. This courageous act shows that America officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, not Tel Aviv. In the past few decades, many people have tried to discredit the Jews’ connection to Jerusalem, saying that Jerusalem has no religious significance to our faith. This is completely false, and hopefully, this new recognition of Jerusalem will help change the world view on Jerusalem.

America did what other countries would never do: it retroactively initiated a change in the world view of Jerusalem. The actions of the American government once again prove how lucky Israel is to have America as an ally, and how America is supporting worldwide Jewry through its support of Israel. In fact, on the same day that America announced its plan to move its embassy, the Czech Republic and the Philippines expressed interest in moving their embassies to Jerusalem as well. Wow! It seems as though they were waiting on the edge of their seats for someone to stand up for what’s right, and this time, it happened to be the US.

We can learn from this. A lot of times, in life, especially as Jewish teens in the modern world, we encounter wrongs that need to be terribly righted—but everyone is too afraid to be the first one to do it. There is a big population of people who want to stand up for what’s right, but they don’t want to be first. Why? Because it’s easier to be a follower—less stress, less anxiety, and less attention. But, what many forget is, a follower doesn’t get credit for being “second place”. That’s why the Czech Republic and the Philippines are getting no attention—they didn’t go out of their comfort zones, like America. They did not do anything significant, the United Stated did. So, yes, the US is getting a lot of backlash for doing what it did—but that’s the consequence of being a leader. Leadership is standing up for what’s right and what you believe in; if someone chooses to follow you, it does not change your commitment, success, or leadership. The world isn’t changed through follower, the world is changed through leaders.

Let’s learn from the courageous acts of the US government, and do what’s right in the world, even if we have to be the first to do it.


Claire Segal contributed to this article.