The Banquet of a Lifetime

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Upon walking into the room I could already feel the excitement. I could feel the energy coming off the others teens in the room as the blue and purple lights reflected off their eyes. Smiles radiating on their faces. Tables specified for each chapter lined the room. A stage with a CTeen backdrop stood gallantly at the back of the room, smack in the middle for all to see. Huge screens counted down until the event began.


10 Excited yells

9 Casual conversations

8 Squeals from those who see their friends across the room

7 Jumping into a hug

6 Carefree laughter

5 Music

4 Blue CTeen sweatshirts

3 Forks digging into the delicious food

2 Some chapters still looking for their tables

1 Heated anticipation


“And the Crowd goes Wild!”


One can only imagine how intensely amazing it was sitting in a room with 760 other teenagers, simply eating lunch. The inspiration of realizing that every single person in the room had a story to share that could change the world. The thought that even though I could not possibly meet everyone, I shared a memory that would never diminish. Many of us were still on a high from the night before: At Times Square, Havdallah was recorded while being projected off a huge TV screen. Everyone had been dancing and singing together with such pride and Ruach. We had also been informed that 10 new Rabbis were being sent on Slichut to become CTeen Rabbis, specifically involved in CTeens.

Again, we were back together, only a few short hours later, full of the same non-quavering excitement. The MC continued hyping up the crowd even more and the comedians had everyone laughing non-stop, no energy or inspiration had been lost. Friends gathered together. The Banquet was an experience that none of us had witness before. It was brilliant seeing everyone branching out from their chapters and sitting with people they had only met a few hours earlier, and some a few years earlier in the same atmosphere just a bit less huge.


The leaders all gathered together in group pictures, first the boys and then the girls. The Teen Choice Awards brought people closer and helped share the ideas of one chapter, so another chapter could use their ideas in following CTeen events. The winners from each category gave amazing speeches and the other finalist nominees were cheering for their friends.


But sadly people had to bid their goodbyes. And the countdown began: 12 months until we do this again.

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