Thankful for CTeen

3 years ago The Connections Staff 0

As we look through our years, or maybe only our months, at CTeen we see there is so much to be thankful for. CTeen has provided each and everyone of us with a sense of Jewish pride we can’t find every day at school or hanging out with friends. When we walk away from a CTeen event or the International Shabbaton we are proud to be a Jew. Proud of our religion and our culture. CTeen has given us another family, you would be lying if you say you haven’t made one amazing friend at CTeen. Through CTeen we make international connections that last a lifetime. I have some of my best friends hundreds and thousands of miles away from me because of CTeen. The big CTeen family is a thing that just brings me so much joy because I don’t know what I would do without it, and I haven’t had it for that long. CTeen has given us Rabbis and Rebbitzens who will listen and help. The Rabbis and Rebbitzens teach us so much from questions about Judaism to how to make the best Shabbat meal. They are willing to drag us to the Shabbaton and host our events. They do so much for our CTeen family. CTeen has a strong leadership program that creates and empowers the next generation of Jewish leaders throughout the world. They do so much for CTeen international and their hometown CTeen. CTeen has created CTeen summer, the best experience of anyone’s life. The memories and bonds are like none other and teachings I got from Heritage will be in my heart and mind forever. But most importantly, CTeen has given us the memories. Memories like flying to Chicago, dancing in Times Square, shouting in the subways. Memories that we will pass on to everyone we speak to because these memories are so special to CTeen. CTeen has helped out so much all over the world, sparking the Jewish pride and helping so many in need. So when we look at CTeen today, and any day, be thankful!