THANK YOU (From CTeen Manchester)!

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By CTeen Manchester
CTeen Manchester would like to thank every single CTeen participant that voted for us! We wouldn’t be here without you! And now…for a bit of a history lesson!
A CTeen History Lesson
CTeen Manchester first began in 2013, but the idea was thought of a couple years before that. One of our leaders, Ben Bursk, used to study in a yeshiva once a week when he was about 13 years of age. During this time, hd and his study partner discussed a possible lunch and learn and this got the idea planted in Ben’s head. A couple months had passed and this yeshiva student had to move away to Israel and Ben’s new study partner was none other than the Rosh Yeshiva’s son to which he shared the idea to and that is where the idea actually took form.
We began doing our lunch and learns and little by little the numbers grew. We had three to start with, which grew to four and five, and even got to the heights of around 10-15, which was a huge accomplishment in CTeen Manchester’s history. From then, we began to make events and activities monthly and so on. Eventually we attended the New York Shabbaton, which is where everything changed.
Following the Shabbaton, our chapter grew by leaps and bounds, reaching forty-five members in one year! But that was only the beginning…

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Leaps & Bounds
CTeen Manchester is a chapter that leaps and climbs over their problems with every ounce of energy we have. So, when the dates for the CTeen Shabbaton were released this year, we realized we had a wall to jump over. The school to which many of our members attend would not give the teens permission to leave school and travel to New York. Out of their own doing, the teens decided to go and fight their case to the governor of the school. It was very unsuccessful for a while and it didn’t seem possible. We had one of our staff drop a note off by the Rebbe’s grave at around 6:00 am asking for us to have permissions and success with the governor UK time. The same day around 9.00 am UK time, a teen went into to speak to the governor—not knowing of the note being placed into the governor’s office— and was given immediate permission. And THAT’S how we made it to the CTeen Shabbaton!

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The Final Bow
CTeen Manchester overall has come an extremely long way from what it once was and for those that saw us this past Shabbaton, you saw how incredibly full of life, spirit and energy we truly were. We tried our best to pass on this extremely happy atmosphere to everyone at CTeen and with the struggles of the voting in place, we got the entire Manchester community to vote for us and keep voting for us. There were some incredible chapters against us but we don’t feel we beat them; we were chosen to represent all of them, along with every other chapter in the world.
Overall, we thank the entire CTeen Staff for this award. This award showed us that we are headed in the right direction, and we can now go with full force into the future of a bigger CTeen chapter! We will never be satisfied with our achievements and will only use them for further growth in the future. We set for ourselves a goal to grow our chapter by twice as much, and G-d willing we will continue to grow and prosper!
Extended Bow
We would like to extend a special appreciation to:
Rabbi Moshe Dovid Cohen
Rabbi Sholom Cohen
Musky Cohen
& the entire Cohen family

Male Leadership:
Daniel Sacks
Saul Mendelson
Liam Stephenson
JJ Martin
Ben Bursk
Ethan Gilmore

Toby Packter
Female Leadership:
Natasha Rabinowitz
Rachel Mehlman
Eden Bursk
Rebecca Myers


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