TGIS: Cote-St.-Luc!

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On May 1st 2015, CTeen Cote-St.-Luc had a TGIS Shabbaton with almost one hundred teens.

Before Shabbat, we all got together in front of Beth Chabad to take some pictures, then, the girls all went to light the candles to welcome in Shabbat. While the boys were praying, the girls had an activity discussing what the right thing to do would be in a given situation. Following this, we all went upstairs and sat down in the hall. After Kiddush and the first course, came the main speaker of the night: Rabbi Yaakov Ephraim Parisi. He told us about his journey of searching for the truth, and the tale of going from being a Pastor to a Jew. His story left us all in awe and had us laughing and crying throughout the night. After the delicious meal and thanking G-D for the food, it was time for us all to say good night.
The next morning, some of us came back to pray Shacharit followed by a Kiddush with our guest of honour. Those of us who came to the lunch got to hear his story in much more detail and it was extremely interesting to hear! I am very glad to have had this opportunity and hope for many more to come.