My Year in Review

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Sam Slaw

Grand Rapids, MI


A joy filled time, a mind full of excitement, and an intense feeling of pride towards Judaism. These are just a few of the feelings I experienced this year while being a member of CTeen. This was my first year with CTeen and it has been mind blowing, to say the least. CTeen is very easy to join and does not require a deep commitment. However, there are several opportunities available for those who would like to become more involved in CTeen. I first heard about CTeen from my Rabbi’s daughter, Chana. Her actions became the catalyst for me to join. As I have previously said, a deep commitment is not necessary. My CTeen chapter meets about twice a month and each meeting as its own theme. An average meeting consists of an activity that relates to the upcoming holiday, a speech by a guest speaker, and a meal (BTW, the food is always really good). Each chapter has a group of leaders voted on by the chapter. These leaders help everyone feel welcome and an equal part of the group.


Each CTeen event acts as a small build up for the International Shabbaton; a massive event that takes place over a Shabbat weekend in February. Jewish teens from all over the globe come together for one special weekend filled with celebration, fun, and excitement. Although I have had some unforgettable memories at my local CTeen chapter, the international Shabbaton was by far the highlight of my year. Meeting teens from around the world was an experience I will never forget. Through my experiences with CTeen, I am a better friend, student, and proud member of the Jewish community.