What Makes a Jew a Jew

3 years ago Shayna Solkowitz 0
I want to begin this post with a story that a good friend of mine shared with me:  One day a guy wanted to convert from Judaism to Christianity. He went to the Priest who said ‘okay, on the following conditions:  ‘You’re not allowed to keep Shabbat anymore.’ The guy was like, ‘Shabbos I don’t Read More

Are Tattoos Taboo? (The Torah’s Take)

5 years ago Hannah Butcher 0
In December, after I turned 18, the first thing my friends asked me was if I was going to get a tattoo. Something inside me held me back from jumping head-first into a tattoo parlor, however.  At the International Shabbaton I realized why, exactly, I hesitated to get inked. Like me, many Jewish teens stand Read More
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