The Shabbat Solution: Why the seventh day can change your life

1 year ago The Connections Staff 0
Kinneret Birwadkar// Mumbai, India “Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest.” After six long days of hard work God gave us this seventh day to rejuvenate and recharge ourselves for the next coming week. Does this mean we spend more time with our family?  Yes, the idea of a Read More

Reflecting on this year’s Yom Kippur

1 year ago The Connections Staff 0
Kinneret Birwadkar// Mumbai, India This year I spent the holiest day of the Jewish year in Mumbai, India. Despite not being able to spend Yom Kippur in synagogue, did I let the experience crush me down? Certainly not. In fact, it did quite the opposite.  Let’s run through what a typical Yom Kippur looks like. Read More

A 2021 Summer to Remember (Pt. 1)

1 year ago The Connections Staff 0
Homecoming 2021/5781 Stella Washington// CTeen North Fulton, Georgia Read Part 2 of our CTeen Summer recap on the XTreme trip here: This article is dedicated to counselors Sarah Sherman, Pessi Naparstek, Mushkie Rapoport, Gitty Friedman, Gili Houpt, and every single girl that was a part of this group. I cannot begin to express my Read More

Silence in Public School: Will It Work?

5 years ago Hannah Butcher 0
My high school is forty minutes away from Marjory Stoneman Douglas. After the tragedy, my school’s administration hastily reacted by enacting a confusing string of new rules: our IDs are required to be visible, the front doors to all buildings are locked, teachers are doubly employed as hall monitors, and cameras are mantled to the Read More

Back to School: Maintaining Your Jewish Identity

5 years ago Hannah Butcher 0
It’s that time of the year again; new schedules are placed in our hands, our backpacks are strapped on tight, and our pencils are freshly sharpened. That’s right: it’s time to go back to school. As with any time of the year, Jewish identity is of utmost importance. “I’m a Jew and I’m proud / Read More

Understanding our purpose in life

6 years ago Sarah Hinkediker 0
  Some of us may wonder about our exact purpose in life.  Why are we so significant to this world? There are other 7 billion people in this world…how can I, a young and powerless person can make an impact? No way! It can’t be possible.   Well, the truth is that every little thing Read More

Anxiety and the Torah

6 years ago Hannah Butcher 0
Anxiety is a common feeling that many of us have experienced. It’s uncomfortable, and the symptoms vary from person to person.  Everyone experiences anxiety differently; for some, their palms sweat, their thoughts spiral out of control, their breathing becomes shallow, or their stomachs tie in knots. The world may seem to spin around us and, Read More

Finding My Jewish Roots

6 years ago ssalles 0
During our teenage years, we struggle to fit in and find our happy place. During the first part of high school (I’m currently a junior), I spent a lot of time alone. I would feel lonely most of the time at school, especially at lunch. Most of my friends lived out of state, and I Read More
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