The Shabbat Solution: Why the seventh day can change your life

1 year ago The Connections Staff 0
Kinneret Birwadkar// Mumbai, India “Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest.” After six long days of hard work God gave us this seventh day to rejuvenate and recharge ourselves for the next coming week. Does this mean we spend more time with our family?  Yes, the idea of a Read More

Shabbat Candles

6 years ago ssalles 0
Lighting Shabbat candles is an amazing mitzvah that all Jewish women and girls can take part in, beginning from the age of three years old. This mitzvah gives us the opportunity to reflect and have a one-on-one time with Hashem. It is also symbolic of welcoming the peace and light of Shabbat.   I bet Read More
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