Sushi in the Sukkah

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From Chinatown themed Purim parties to bringing Holiday celebrations to the local high school, CTeen Newton has never failed at making events interesting and accessible. “Sushi in the Sukkah” was yet another one of those events. Just like the kickoff barbeque, turnout was fantastic. Teens from local Jewish day schools, public schools, and private schools were in attendance. All put their hand prints on the unity canvas symbolizing unity within their CTeen community and the Chabad’s community as a whole. One of the main activities of the evening was making felt Torahs for special needs children. There was much tomfoolery that occurred in attempting to make said Torahs. Many teens tried and failed at sewing and weaved the felt instead. Some boys opted to wear the large pieces of felt as cloaks. The products of their labor however showed care. Later, Rabbi Prus engaged the group in discussion about the mitzvahs of Sukkot before leading the group in Havdalah. The second part of the night was dedicated to making and eating sushi. A real sushi chef instructed the group on how to put everything from the rice to the avocado to the imitation crab in the seaweed. Some made professional looking sushi while others opted to eat the roll like a burrito. However everyone agreed their creations, whatever their appearance, tasted good. The evening was a combination of fun and engagement, the model of a CTeen event.