Start The New Year Off Right

6 years ago ssalles 0

The Hebrew year 5777 is almost over, which means Rosh Hashanah and 5778 are around the corner! You know what that means—time to make resolutions for the coming year. Here are a few to get you inspired:


  1. Take on a new Mitzvah

Mitzvahs an important way to connect Hashem and learn so much about yourself. It may seem like a big thing to take on a new mitzvah, but they are easier than you think—just a few mitzvahs to start with are Shabbos candles, Tefillin, davening (praying), and more. Speak to your local CTeen Rabbi and Rebbetzin for more information and advice, or even take on the CTeen Connection Mitzvah challenge!


  1. Be thankful

In our day-to-day lives, we may take things for granted. Sometimes, we need to open our eyes and be appreciative of what we have.  You could be thankful for the little things, such as when someone opens a door for you, or even bigger things like feeling grateful for your family. You can show your gratitude in many ways, like writing a thank you note or making sure to say thank you.


  1. Be open to change

Change is very scary, but also rewarding. There is a saying that Hashem only gives you what you can handle. With every new experience, you can learn an important lesson that allows you to grow. Even if you are scared to give it a chance, you may like the new way better.


  1. Don’t Procrastinate

Resolutions can take many forms. Let’s face it, we’ve all procrastinated in our lives one way or another. After a long day at school, we want to relax and talk to our friends, but that isn’t always the right way. My personal motivation technique is to put on some study music, shut off and put away any distractions, and work/study at 15-30 minute intervals. After the time is up, eat a snack and take a 5-10 minute break. This method makes it less overwhelming, but getting a work routine will help you stay on track.


5. Be organized

This will help you out so much! Living in clutter is terrible! Get a planner (like the awesome CTeen leader planner) to help you keep track of due dates and events. I write down assignments and check off when I did them. Another way is to get rid of any papers or items you don’t need or use. Best of all, if you donate old items, that is a mitzvah right there! See? Easy!


  1. Be kind

Kindness is one of those underrated resolutions, but it is one of the most important skills in life. When taking the extra effort to be nice, it could really impact someone’s day. You can empower others and yourself just by taking a minute to be kind.


  1. Be healthy-body, mind and soul

Although this is a common resolution, it’s an important one. Eat more fruit and vegetables, drink more water, do something active, take the time to learn for five minutes a day!  


  1. Make the most out of this year

You’re only a teenager once! This is the only time that it’s going to be 5778, so make the most out of it. Try something new, strengthen your relationships, do your best, and have fun.


CTeen Connection wishes you a happy, healthy, and sweet new year!