Stand with Manchester; Stand with Growth

6 years ago bbursk 0



This is the question that I asked myself this morning when I woke up and heard that over twenty people had lost their lives and many more had been injured in my hometown of Manchester, England. The very city in which I slept was being rocked by a terror attack only miles away.


Why would this happen? Why at a concert? Why the children?


All of these questions and many more have been swirling around my mind and it seems that the answers will never be clear to me, nor to anyone for that matter. To think that so many young lives were be taken in a matter of seconds makes me begin to understand the precious value that life holds.


Still, and after much contemplation, I have realized something within the darkness very profound that I’d like to share. Yes, we can ask these questions and contemplate why these things happen… In fact, I think that asking these questions will cause us to reflect and growth. What we need right now is to grow in the face of these hardships.

Just for a moment, stop what you are doing, close your eyes, and ask yourself the following question: ‘’How much light have I brought into the world today?’’


If the answer is none, or very little, than the solution is pretty self-evident. Yes, it is clear to see that that we may never understand why these atrocities happen and why they must affect the innocence of the world around us. But what we can do is take action to change the world and add more light. Even in the darkest of days, the smallest amount of light can transform the darkness; the more we, as individuals, fight to bring more and more light into this world, the less room we make for darkness.

When we begin to perform actions of goodness and kindness, it changes us and our surroundings. Let us be grateful to have another day-today-to add more light into the world. So this week, have Manchester in mind as you continue to add acts of goodness and kindness into the world.

Stand with Manchester and grow. Let’s unite in the face of darkness, and bring Moshiach one step closer.