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By Leah Rotenbakh

Hundreds of hopeful faces looking curiously in your direction, the smell of hot coffee wafting through the air, and grateful smiles slowly lighting up the cheerless faces around the room – this is what our CTeen chapter, located in the Heart of the Rockies, was fortunate to experience as we spread joy, hot Starbucks coffee, and rice crispy treats to the homeless people at the Denver Rescue Mission Shelter.

It was the most wonderful feeling being able to give back to our community and put a smile on the grateful faces around the room.

This was also no ordinary volunteer mission because we got to hear all about how Rescue Mission functions on a daily basis. We were amazed to hear that they house over 350 people a night and feed three hot meals daily! It was a true eye-opener to see just how much we might take for granted when there are so many people out there who do not have a place to sleep and a warm meal to come home to.

After the really meaningful experience, we were treated to delicious Kosher pizza and heard the Purim Story from our wonderful CTeen Director, Rabbi Mendy Sirota. He made the story come alive for us as he passionately described the holiday we were celebrating. We then took to the debate floor and discussed what true kindness really is, turning to the message of G-D’s hidden kindness and ultimately the truth behind the Miracle of Purim. We then had a Masquerade craft and contest, and ended the incredible evening with our own Purim Photo Shoot. This was an experience I will never forget, as I learned so much about myself, the community around me, as well as the true Miracle of Purim!

-Leah Rotenbakh (Vice President of the National Honor Society and a junior at Grandview High School and a Proud Colorado CTeener!)