Simchat Torah

7 years ago eglazer 0

After the celebrations of the new year wind down, we all finish with one more celebration, Simchat Torah. Simchat Torah, which means  rejoicing with the Torah, is the conclusion of the Torah. This is the time when we finish reading the full Torah and celebrate with dancing.

   All the Jewish people come together again and celebrate right after the seven days we were united in celebrating Sukkot. Sukkot celebrates fall and also remembering our journey through the desert and Hashem protecting us with clouds, our sukkah are symbols for Hashems protection.

   Simchat Torah is a celebration where shuls are filled with smiling faces and everyone dancing with the Torah. No specific prayers are recited on Simchat Torah, but everyone receives an aliya.

   Once the dancing is over, we begin reading the Torah and start the year all over again.