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The Jewish world was once again torn apart today  (January 8, 2017) following a terrorist attack that happened in Jerusalem. Four soldiers were murdered, and fifteen others were wounded when a truck drove off the street and onto the sidewalk in Armon Hanatziv. Words cannot describe the pain and anguish that followed upon hearing this news. Among the killed were 20-year-old Yael Yekutiel, 22-year-old Shir Hajaj, 20-year-old Shira Tzur, and 20-year-old Erez Orbach. Each individual, young and with a bright future ahead, ruined. Soldiers, no more than a few years older than most of us.


May their souls rest in peace and their admirable dedication to defending the State of Israel and giving security to every Jew never be forgotten.


Here’s a question…where is the global outrage?


A continuous and ongoing double standard towards the only democratic, Jewish state, in the Middle East. The only democracy in the Middle East that embodies the morals that the western world values.


  • March 2016, Brussels bombing , a disgrace and a despicable act of terrorism.


  • December 2016, Berlin, a disgrace and a despicable act of terrorism.


  • July 2016, France, a disgrace and a despicable act of terrorism.


  • November 2015, France a disgrace and a despicable act of terrorism.


Here are only a few attacks this year only, Did you hear about it?  


Israel: “ March 9 –  Jerusalem: Two Palestinians opened fire on police officers and civilians near the light rail stop opposite of the Damascus Gate.

March 14 – Elias Junction (near Kiryat Arba): Two Palestinians attempted a car ramming attack, later opening fire on civilians and soldiers standing in a nearby bus stop, near the entrance to Kiryat Arba.

March 24 – Tel Rumeida (in Hebron): Two Palestinians stabbed an IDF soldier.  

December 2015 – 3 civilians were killed.

And an  Astonishing  414 total attacks in August 2016 alone ”. Hundreds more attacks in the link provided below.  

Terrorism is the common factor in all of the attacks mentioned above. But why is Israel handled differently? The absence of media coverage is a disgrace. Undeniable, unacceptable, unprincipled second set of laws directed towards  the State of Israel. Sharing the truth is a must, combatting ignorance and putting an end to innocent blood shed around the world. Whether an attack takes place in Europe, Syria, Israel, Germany or anywhere else in the world. All lives are equal and should absolutely be treated as such. What should be considered as innate, terrorism is intolerable. No innocent human from any walk of life should have to have their life stolen, but what can we do?  Not let them win. Not now, not ever. A picture perfect example is Israel itself, a thriving nation in all things high tech and innovative. Move forward with love and light.

As Am Israel mourns the loss of our four soldiers, we must always remember that  as dark times unite us, we must stay strong as one people. We must remember to forever fight with light, good deeds and mitzvot. For us to remain the moral nation that we are and continue in the right path of values and unity.