Shabbat Candles

6 years ago ssalles 0

Lighting Shabbat candles is an amazing mitzvah that all Jewish women and girls can take part in, beginning from the age of three years old. This mitzvah gives us the opportunity to reflect and have a one-on-one time with Hashem. It is also symbolic of welcoming the peace and light of Shabbat.


I bet you’re wondering, “it’s just one candle, how will that make an impact? Why is lighting a candle such a big deal?” The Torah tells us to “ Keep Shabbat” and “Remember Shabbat.”


During those special twenty-five hours, one is not supposed to make a fire. Since Jews could not enjoy their meals in the dark, candles were lit to make it more of a day of delight. After all, who likes to eat meals in the dark?


Personally, I had always been interested and curious about the Mitzvah but did not take it on; however, three years ago, I decided to do it: I wanted to start lighting the candles every week. Now, every Friday night, I look forward to that minute where I light my candle. Even though I don’t fully keep Shabbat, I still look forward to taking part in this amazing tradition, and it means a lot to me. That moment where the world stops and Hashem and I have that one-on-one time-it’s the best feeling! Even if one is not religious, it’s a simple mitzvah to take on and try!


But there’s more to it than that: lighting candles has another deeper meaning, too. One candle can light up the darkness in the world. Lighting the candles symbolizes a time where we introduce light and meaning into the world. That means that it’s an amazing time, and even a mitzvah, to disconnect from our phones, not worry about school work, and not having to do chores. It also proves how every part of something and everyone is important. One little thing out of place, and everything wouldn’t be as special.


Use Shabbat to bring light and inspiration to the world—and let the lights inspire you to bring more light during the week, too!


Click below to find out the candle-lighting time for your location:)