Shabbaton Reunion By Noah Gichan

9 years ago Leighest 0

Before I came to the International Shabbaton, I was writing every person I had met in the previous Shabbaton and the CTeen Xtreme to make sure I would see them again and share in the great spiritually enlightening experience together. I came in expecting that this was the one place where I could truly be myself and be happy to express my Jewish Pride. My big highlight was being able to meet up with friends I made the previous year and over the summer while making new friends from around the world. Before the Shabbaton I was starting to lose connection with my Judaism, I would not pray every week and began to doing activities without thinking about G-D and why I should be thankful. So after the Shabbaton, my Judaism was rekindled. I will start tying my Tefillin at least twice a week and start to learn hebrew a bit better. There are few experiences in this world that cannot be put to words due to the fact that they transcend our vocabulary and just put us in awe, this Shabbaton was one of those moments that I will cherish and remember forever. Baruch Hashem.


-Noah Gichan (Pittstown, New Jersey)