Reflections on the Leadership Retreat

7 years ago Leighest 0

My name is Netanel Ashkenazi and I am a leader from San Antonio, Texas.
We’re taught that a good leader creates followers, but a great leader creates more leaders. Throughout the weekend of the leadership retreat, we worked on our leadership roles, communicating skills, marketing, financing, and brainstorming ideas. From the moment we arrived at the retreat, we were given a task of team building, while not being able to see nor speak to the second half of our teammates. Lectures and activities were presented to us at all times besides for when we had free time. Unfortunately we lost to the rabbis in basketball two years in a row, but on a positive note, numerous teens had the luxury to present a session at the retreat just as my fellow leader and I have.


An experience to remember was being on the teen panel, which was a rapid fire Q&A where the rabbis asked the questions and we teens get a minute to answer before being cut off. Another was the escape room, which also took team work as we were eight or more people per room, attempting to find a way out. Looking back at the retreat, I realize that every single activity we have done was to shape us into better leaders.
The retreat was absolutely amazing; we met teens from all over the U.S. and Montreal, Canada. We learned from each other, gave advice to one another, inspired and got inspired, came back motivated better leaders looking forward to expanding and improving our chapters. I can’t wait to put these skills to the test this year!