Recap of Tri-State TGIS Shabbaton

3 years ago Sarah Strent 0

By: Sarah Strent

This year’s Tri-State TGIS Shabbaton was extra special to me because it was my last TGIS Shabbaton. Four years ago, I came into CTeen not knowing how big of an impact it would have on my life. I recall my first Shabbaton ever in Atlantic City. I couldn’t help but be intimidated by all the older teens. However, I looked up to them, and confided in them as my role models. Fast forward to four years later, I am now a senior in high school, and a proud CTeen international leader and Tri-state regional board member. I am a role model for younger teens both in my chapter and now thanks to the TGIS Shabbaton this weekend, teens in the Tri-State as well. 

Whether it was workshops, late night talks, Shabbat services, or unplugging for 25 hours, I gained tremendous insights on Judaism this past weekend. Specifically, I was inspired by Rabbi Estrin’s talk to always have faith in Hashem and never give up hope. In addition, I feel this Shabbaton significantly helped me mature as a young Jewish woman who has immense pride for her spirituality. Meeting new teens and rekindling long- distance friendships enhanced the Shabbaton and added so much meaning to the trip. Not only was this Shabbaton a blast, but it was also a much needed outlet for me to redefine and truly focus on the values and morals Judaism has instilled in me. As I write this, I reflect on my four years in CTeen, which have been nothing short of life-changing. Although I am so sad that this was my last TGIS Shabbaton, I couldn’t be happier with the friends I made, the fun I had, and the lessons I learned this weekend!