Counting Down To Purim!

7 years ago eglazer 0

Purim; what an awesome holiday! I wait for it all year round! In honor of Purim, here is a countdown of the ten reasons why Purim is the BEST Jewish holiday:

1. The Parties
Costumes, music, megilah readings, the works! No one knows quite how to put on a show like we do on Purim!

2. The Food
Triangular shaped cookies, baked to resemble Haman’s hat, filled with jelly, fruits, poppy seeds, or chocolate? Yum! And don’t forget the Mishloach Manot…I’ll have enough chocolate and candy to last me until next year!

3. The Costumes
On Purim you can be whatever you want! We wear costumes because just as the miracle of Purim is disguised, we disguise ourselves. Dress up or dress down; but have fun with it!

4. The Mitzvah of Giving
There’s no feeling more special than knowing that your extra tzedakah (charity) you gave is going to help someone in need. Also, the smile you see, when you give your friend shalach manot (gifts of food) is priceless.

5. The Feast
Remind me again, which Jewish holiday doesn’t have food involved? The reason behind our feast is because the day before Purim Esther fasted for a total of three days. When she broke her fast, she had a feast with King Ahasuerus and then she revealed her true Jewish identity to him.

6. The Togetherness
All the Jewish people come together in observance of mitzvot and parties!

7. The Story
It’s all about how the Jewish people have stuck together, and conquered it all. When Haman was plotting to kill the Jewish people, we didn’t surrender instead, Mordechai came along and by uniting together, we defeated Haman. It’s a story that is just as applicable today as it was then!

8. The Groggers
Only on Purim is it socially acceptable to make noise when you hear a person you dislikes name. Hama—booooo!!!

9. The Royalty
A holiday devoted to a Jewish Queen, Esther.

10. The Spirit
There’s something incredible about the spirit of Purim; the celebrations, the parties, the costumes…what’s not to love?

What is YOUR favorite part of Purim? Share your thoughts!