Passover: The Taunting Rules and Preparation

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By Yasmine Shahar

That’s right! Pesach is right around the corner, and now we must prepare for the holiday that most people loath. The thing is, I love Pesach. Let me tell you why:


First – Everyone has to clean like crazy. Even though cleaning is hard and very unexciting, when some good music is on, I feel accomplished. Just always remember you have to get rid of and lock up the Chametz (Leavened Bread and anything not considered Kosher for Passover). Dust is not Chametz.

Second – Koshering the Kitchen. So this is my least favorite part because I have to pull out the boxes of Pesach dishes and reset up my kitchen. The thing is though, the place looks perfect and sort of cool with the aluminum foil everywhere.

Third – The cooking. The stores have so many things that a person can just pick up half their Pesach food. Cooking is really not that hard. Unless you don’t use processed food, then you best start preparing your potato peeler for the event.


Fourth – Matza. Yummy! Okay, not really. But think about it, Hashem commanded the Jews to make the unleavened bread all those years ago, now we can do directly what Hashem commanded. And guess what?! Your friends and family are doing it too!

Fifth: The Seder! Kadesh, Urchatz, Karpas, Yachatz, Maggid, Rachtzah, Motzie, Matzah, Maror,Korech, Shulchan Orech, Tzafun, Beirach, Hallel, Nirtzah. Whoa! Slow down! What does all that entail? Well first of all, all the preparation has lead to this moment of relaxation and enjoyment. You are sitting around the table with your friends and family, ready for the holy meal of Passover. With the Seder plate in front of your face containing the: Ziroah (Shankbone), Beitzah (Egg), Marror (Bitter Herbs), Charoset (Mixture), Karpas (Vegetable),Chazeret (Bitter Herbs (Lettuce)).

In a nutshell the Seder goes in this very organized order. Kiddush, wash hands without a brochah, Karpas (eating the vegetable), break the middle Matza, tell the story of Passover, wash with a Brochah, say the blessing of Hamotzei, eat the Matza, Bitter herb showdown (who can eat the biggest piece – okay, well the Mitzvah is only to eat a small piece of it), make a Matza sandwich, DINNER TIME, find the Afikomen (hidden piece of Matza – Traditionally the bigger of the earlier broken piece), Bench (prayer after eating), sing songs of praise, Acceptance. Next year in Yerushalayim!

Sixth: Enjoy Spring Break with the family! Go to Disneyland or on a camping trip.