Passover Games

6 years ago swinawer 0

Since Pesach is around the corner, here are some games to spice up the holiday prep. Play these with your family and friends at the seder table:
1. Ten Plagues Headbands: To play this game, everyone has to put a card that will have a photo of a plague on it on their forehead, using a rubber band to support it in place. Make sure to not look at the card on your own forehead. Now, it’s time to go around the table and ask yes or no questions to figure out what your plague is. First one to figure out the name of their plague wins!
2. Passover Jeopardy: We all know the classic game of Jeopardy-in this edition, you will be given questions specifically dealing with Passover. For example, matzah for 100-what is the maximum amount of time in which matzah must me made it to be kosher for Pesach? The answer would be 18 minutes.
3. Chametz Go!: Grab your feather, candle, Pokemon ball, and Pokemon trainer hat. Once you have everything you need, then it is time to go out there and hunt for all of the chametz, or anything leavened (ex bread, cake, cookies, pretzels, etc). The reason why we search for chametz is to make sure that there is absolutely no traces of any bread in our house. How we do that is we take pieces of bread and spread them around our house; then, we take the lit candle and feather that will be used to search and sweep up all the bread around the house, and any small crumbs left behind.