Parshat Chukat!

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By Gabrielle Sharbin

This week we read the Torah portion Chukat. In the parsha Chukat, Moshe is taught about the laws of the red heifer. A red heifer is a completely red cow, and it’s ashes purify someone who has come into contact with a dead body.


After 40 years of wandering thought the desert, the Israelites arrive in Zin. Miriam dies and the Israelites are without any water.


Hashem tells Moshe he should talk to a rock, and command this rock to give his people water. During this time however, the Israelites turned quite rebellious causing Moshe to become very angry and forcefully hit the rock. Water then miraculously pours out, but Hashem tells Moshe that neither him or Aaron will be able to enter Israel.


Aaron dies at Hor Hahar, and is succeeded by his son Elazar. Venomous snakes attack the Israeli camp and the Jewish people again rebel, speaking I’ll of both G-d and Moshe.


Hashem proceeds to tell Moshe that he should put a brass serpent upon a high pole. And anyone who gazed up to the heavens will be healed.


The Jewish people rejoice and sing because their unbearable thirst has finally come to an end due to a wonderful and miraculous well.


Moshe leads the Jewish people in battle against the Emorite kings, Sichon and Og. They do not want Israel to exist under any circumstances as it would cut through their territory. Moshe however prevails and gains this land which lies east of the Jordan river.


Shabbat shalom everybody!