Parsha Bereshit In Honor of Eliyahu Moscowitz HYD

4 years ago Andrew Stein 0

בראשית ברא אל״הים… In the beginning, Hashem created the world. How long did it take to create the world and what happened on each day of creation you might ask? These are easy questions to answer, let’s go through the events that occurred on each day of creation. Day one, Hashem separates darkness and light. Day two, Hashem separates the upper and lower water, meaning the sky and the bodies of water we have. Day three, Hashem he arranges where the bodies of water will be, where land will be and creates trees and greenery. Day four, Hashem creates the sun, moon, and stars. Day five, Hashem created fish, birds, reptiles. Day six, Hashem creates land animals and the first man to step foot on the earth Adam. Finally, after a long week at work creating this beautiful planet with everything Hashem wanted, it was time for a break. Day 7, is when Hashem stopped and realized that he needed a day of rest. That’s right Hashem created Shabbat, the day of rest on day seven of creation. To sum all this up, it took 6 days to create the world and one day of rest.

Let’s take a step forward and go more in depth. Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my purpose in this world”? If you have ever asked yourself this question what do you think a possible answer could be? The way I think about this answer and I’m sure many others do as well is simple. Hashem created people so he could have someone to appreciate what he has created at the same time of helping him with what he wants. If Hashem created this world for people to enjoy, then why is there so much evil around. Is Hashem trying to test us or is this may be some sort of trick? If I had to answer this question, I’d say that Hashem is the one in charge and he knows how to handle the situations he causes and he knows what’s best for each and every one of us.

We have just finished a month long period of holidays this coming week. We started with Rosh Hashana, where we kicked off a beautiful new year. Then, we repented and set or goals by Yom Kippur for the upcoming year. Following that we got to celebrate the beautiful festive holiday of Sukkot. Finally, to top it off we got to celebrate the finishing of a cycle of reading the Torah and got to start again with Simchat Torah.

As discussed above there is, unfortunately, some evil that has taken some control of our world. As I’m sure some of your Rabbis and Rebbetzins have mentioned the Chabad movement had to suffer a very tragic loss in the Chabad community.  On the joyous night of Simchat Torah in Chicago, Illinois, a bochur and chosid by the name of Eliyahu Moscowitz HYD was killed walking in a public park Simchat Torah night. He went on a stroll in the local park when a masked man shot him from behind and it killed Eliyahu Moscowitz HYD instantly. Even though such tragedy has struck, we must not give up, we must keep our heads up and do whatever we can to prevent this from happening again.

How do we honor the bochur and chosid Eliyahu Moscowitz HYD? The answer is simple we must continue to learn and do many mitzvahs in his honor and help his neshama (soul) have an aliyah. I highly encourage your chapters to get together as one group and take time from an event to learn a little Torah or anything of Jewish learning. Take on a mitzvah on a personal level. For example, boys can take two minutes every so often to put on tefillin and girls can once a week light Shabbat  candles. By doing any amount of learning and any amount of mitzvahs we can conquer so many things. May the mitzvahs and learning you do help honor Eliyahu Moskowitz HYD, and at the same time bring Moshiach now.

Have a great and meaningful Shabbos!!