On the Recent GOP Debate

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By Ben Perez

Last week marked the second GOP debate for presidential candidates. Although there is a year between now and the election, this debate is of paramount importance to Americans, especially those who will be voting in the republican primaries. Naturally, the relationship between the United States and its best friend Israel, came up during the debate, much to the dismay of the uninformed. In fact, many of the candidates have already declared their support for Israel. Such individuals include Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Chris Christie. This is great news for Israelis such as myself, but that is not to say that this should be of little value to any other American. This relationship is just as important to the United States as it is to Israel. Israel is a beacon of freedom in the Middle Eat, where such a state is uncommon, as well as a major player in both the technological and medical fields. Essentially, this means that these candidates should be of strong consideration to all, and so it is ideal that Israel should be discussed during debates such as this one.

Some people aren’t fans of that.

Ann Coulter, a syndicated columnist, voiced her opinions over twitter throughout the debate. She is vehemently against the discussion of Israel with regard to American government, as she considers the two to be totally unrelated. Coulter, who has over 600,000 followers on Twitter, has already received an overwhelming response, including the coining of a new term, “#IStandWithAnn.”What this means is that many Americans remain opposed to Israel, and thus, a single home for Jews worldwide.

Coulter, as well as the many who share her beliefs, are misguided. The relationship between the United States and Israel may only be beneficial to both parties, disregarding the fact that much of the technology within the United States has been built upon Israeli inventions. It is unfortunate that such influential individuals as her maintain such poor opinions, as they collectively have the ability to steer politics in the right direction.

Regardless of what anybody says, every American can vote no more than once in the election. The people will speak for themselves, and hopefully we will not meet with catastrophe as has been the case with some previous presidents. It would appear that there is a solid lineup of candidates looking to strengthen the bond between the United States and Israel, and thus things look optimistic moving forward.

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