My Secret Tip for Hosting Epic Events (It’s Not What You Think)

12 months ago The Connections Staff 0

Emily Fulton// Manchester, NH

Pictured: Emily Fulton’s CTeen chapter on a road trip last summer

Photo courtesy Chanchie Krinsky

I get it. It can be hard to keep busy teens interested during the fantastic events you have spent hours planning. It can be discouraging when all your hard work culminates in something…well…less than perfect. I have found that one simple action makes all the difference in turning an event from “just okay” into an epic party.

Without further ado, my top-secret tip for hosting epic events is, well, quite simply: playing music. Simple? Yes. Effective? YES.

I have been to events where the music, not the project, keeps teens energized and motivated. Music has the power to ignite your imagination, fuel your creativity, and fill you with Jewish pride (which, let’s face it, is something we could all use a bit more of right about now). Especially because you are most likely being constantly bombarded with secular (or even antisemitic music), CTeen, and its music, serves as a refuge.

With so many spirited CTeen playlists out there, it’s practically a crime not to use them. Besides, what’s not to love with names like Nassim Black, Hard Charlie, Benny Friedman and Yossi Rodal? Their music inspires, teaches and normalizes Judaism, so much so that even your non-Jewish friends will be singing along. Their songs certainly do wonders at shifting the mood for the better.

When to Turn It Up:

  • When you need a quick way to get teens into the vibe
  • When introducing new teens to CTeen
  • When there’s a lull, and you have nothing to say
  • When you need inspiration
  • When your Jewish pride is lacking
  • Whenever you please!

So invest in a nice speaker, pull up your favorite CTeen Spotify playlist and let’s get this party started!

Here is my chapter’s CTeen playlist:

Here are two more playlists from CTeen chapters around the world:

Article inspired by Chanchie Krinsky, leader of CTeen New Hampshire — who knows how to throw a rocking CTeen party.