My Leadership Retreat Experience

6 years ago Leighest 0

By Hank Loeb, Cincinnati, OH

While I was apprehensive as the CTeen Leadership Retreat began, I was also excited because I had been to a regional and international Shabbatons. I knew that Chabad would deliver. I was looking forward to seeing friends I had made and making new friends. What I hadn’t anticipated was the inspiration I would feel from within. I saw things differently and opened myself to possibilities. I grew up in Chabad as a relatively non observant participant. I found myself wanting more. I decided to gradually do more. Starting with wearing a yarmulke daily, following more of the kosher laws, and remembering to wrap tefillinevery morning are my commitments to myself at this point. I am open to seeing where this can lead.


Thanks to the Leadership program and retreat, I see possibilities I hadn’t considered in the past.