My Israel Experience

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Casarea, Israel
Casarea, Israel

I had the amazing opportunity to go to Israel with my mom and our shul through JLI (Jewish Learning Institute)  for my 16th birthday. I was so excited, but yet at the same time so nervous to be so far away from home—especially because here in America, you hear about so many bad things that happen in Israel every day.  As time came, I got more and more excited (Besides the fact that I had to go on a 11 hour plane ride when I hate planes).

What was my favorite part of the trip?

It is so hard to pinpoint one moment that happened to be better than the rest because everything was so amazing, but if I had to pick something I would have to say the atmosphere of all the people on the JLI trip and how nice everyone was. Although I was one of the only teens, I was able to build such strong relationships with not only the other teens, but all the adults.

Where did I go?

The Shuk

On my trip one place I went to was Tel Aviv. In Tel Aviv, I went to the Mediterranean Sea, a prison, a home for boys who don’t have proper support systems, and many other places. I also went to Jerusalem where I went to Shuk, old city, and to plenty of nice restaurants. I also went to the Dead Sea (which by the way hurts a lot), the western wall, and Mount Masada, which was absolutely amazing!

What am I going to take out of the trip being back in the states?

While I was in Israel, I was inspired by all the kindness of everyone I came in contact with. Everyone was willing to help me especially when my mom and I were lost (which we were a lot), and even if we just simply wanted to ask someone how to say a specific word in Hebrew, they did it with a smile on their face. This experience has inspired me to be more kind and to do more mitzvahs back home.

What am I going to take out of the trip being back in the states?

I am going to take back all the memories I made, all the things I learned, and all the friendships and strong relationships I made.

Israel is absolutely amazing and so spiritual. One of my favorite moments was at the Kotel on Shabbat; everyone comes together no matter their background or religious orientation, to welcome Shabbat together. I will take by the moments of brotherly and sisterly love back with me and spread it around at home.

This experience has shown me why I call Israel my homeland because I always know I have a place where I am accepted as who I am!

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