My Florida Shabbaton Experience

5 years ago Leighest 0

The Shabbaton was one of the best experiences I have had in many years.

My name is Elliot, I am 14 years old and go to the Boca CTeen chapter. During the Shabbaton, I had a blast with six boys in our host’s house. Not only did I meet three boys, but I also got to know a bunch of girls from other chapters. We spent two and a half days completing a variety of tasks like going to boomers, praying, and talking with other Jewish families. One of the fun experiences I enjoyed was Saturday night. This was the night of boomers, and it was unbelievably amazing. We got to the destination and started playing laser tag and air hockey. No one had to stick to a specific group of people, it was more of a do what you want night. Some kids went to race carts and others went to laser tag. We played the game and had a great time! Halfway through the night, Pizza was brought into the mix. Being allergic to wheat, one other girl and I where given falafel, hummus, and salad. It was amazing to see the effort the chaperons, Rabbis, and Rebbitzens had put into that one event.

I will never forget the hours during the event and afterward. They split the girls and boys and we each danced to our heart’s content. The rabbi broke into some sick dance moves with the boys, and by the end of the night, all of us were exhausted. I want to thank Rabbi and Rebbitzen Dengburg for the amazing opportunity to interact and have fun with all of the other kids. Due to the Shabbaton, I have made a resolution to wear my Kippah all the time, that is in public too, keep kosher (I am already vegan for two years), and put on Tefillin twice a week.