My CTeen Moment

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Sara Freer, Ulster County, NY

My name is Sara Freer and I am the leader of Ulster County’s amazing CTeen chapter! CTeen stands for Chabad Teen Network,  and as you all know, is a network of Jewish youth groups who work to unite Jewish teens like myself through community service and super fun activities. I am honored to be able to be part of a program that builds and spreads so much Jewish pride all over the world. As a Jewish teen in eleventh grade, who goes to public school, I am not surrounded by a large Jewish community in my day to day life. CTeen gives me an opportunity to meet and become friends with people who share common beliefs with me. CTeen helped me to understand why being proud of Judaism is so important, and it also gave me an outlet where I could enjoy it.

My CTeen chapter recently attended the CTeen International Shabbaton, and I can honestly say the entire experience inspired me.  Being welcomed into Crown Heights and having the opportunity to experienced Shabbat with over two thousand Jewish teens from so many different places. The most memorable part of the weekend for me was Havdallah in Times Square. You could feel the unity and togetherness of all two thousand teens that often had nothing more in common than being Jewish. Many of us didn’t even speak the same language, yet we all understood the holiness of the event and how important it is to show our Jewish pride.

I have been a part of CTeen and gone to the International Shabbaton with my chapter and our CTeen Rabbi and Rebbetzin for the past three years. Each time, I learn something new that I use in my everyday life.  CTeen has helped me become connected to my Jewish identity. I’m the only Jew in my grade; I spend my day surrounded by people who are different than me. Whether we are playing paintball or learning about challah baking,I am so grateful for the opportunities that CTeen gives me to explore my Judaism and share my pride with the world.