My CTeen Family

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By Julia Gozman, Bucks County, PA

2000 teens. One weekend. One experience.

To laugh, to cry, to love.

To be a part of one family.

That is what it really means to be part of Cteen.

One big Jewish family, taking over New York City for a weekend.

Staying in touch with friends from afar, rejoicing and crying when we meet again.

Thinking that we have so much time before it’s our senior year

And then suddenly, like a balloon popping after floating too high

We all fall down.

It’s our last year, final time to say goodbye.

The tears are flowing like waterfalls, unable to stop.

The pictures are being taken, the contact information exchanged.

That one last hug is given, and promises of staying in touch are made.

A couple months later, one of us is having a rough time.

We turn to our Cteen family, to get that advice and sense of togetherness.

Cteen is strong, Cteen is resilient.

To be part of Cteen means one thing;

No matter how far, no matter how old

We stick together, because that’s what we’re made for.