Midwest CTeen Shabbaton!

8 years ago Leighest 0

By Nathan Edelman, Milwaukee

If you see your friends wearing bright blue T-shirts, hear them raving about how fun their weekend was, or hear them singing a song about a little birdie, then it is probably because they can’t get over the fact of how successful the first ever Midwest CTeen Shabbaton in Milwaukee was. To kick-start the weekend off, CTeeners got a taste of the Chabad house or should I say haunted mansion with its creepy interior design and its antique future. As an artist of probably drawing cartoons, CTeeners also experienced what they would look like if they were animated (I, for one, was not too pleased with the outcome since I was unaware my neck was about the same size as a Giraffe!). Then, after a spiritually uplifting Shabbos with many Frebregins, learning, and warm-hospitality from the Milwaukee community, CTeeners got changed for a fun outing to Action Territory- an arcade place with go-carts and lazer tag. Just when CTeeners thought the night was coming to a close, they came back to the Chabad house to smell the delicious scent of waffles and ice-cream. Although CTeeners were sad to leave, they still were laughing with an hysterical performance by a ventriloquist. This amazing shabbaton couldn’t of been made possible without the incredible help and assistance of Rabbi Moshe and Dini Rapoport, Rabbi Chaim Telsner and Mrs. Rochel Telsner, and Rabbi Mendy and Mussie Bronstein. What makes C-Teen so special is their ability to include everyone and make them feel beyond welcomed. As Rabbi Telsner said to me, “CTeen is not an outreach organization simply because no ones out there.”