Memories From CTeen Xtreme

8 years ago Leighest 0

By Bibi Cohen

The Last bus ride of CTeen Xtreme is what really got me. It was an amazing two weeks filled with laughs, adventures, Davening in the desert, and staying all night to chat with friends. I’ll never forget this trip. I will miss all of my CTeen brothers and hope to see you all soon.

What I learned on CTeen Xtreme helped me help another fellow Jew. Getting off my plane and waiting in the airport in New York for my ride to pick me up after CTeen Xtreme ended, I bumped into an Israeli who asked me for advice about things to do in New York. I told her before she starts her day in the big city that she should probably stop off by the Ohel and say a prayer at the Rebbe’s gravesite. And she did!
She texted me and told me she had felt a very strong energy from davening there and she would daven again whether at the ohel or just at home. Because of CTeen and everything I learned on CTeen Xtreme I was able to help another Jew come closer to Judaism, and that makes me proud and happy.