Introducing… Ysabella!

7 years ago yhazan 0

Watch: Cteen Leadership Award Ceremony

Introducing myself has never been quite enjoyable. Well, to be fair and very cheesy to say the least not all life has to offer can be enjoyable. Unfortunately not everything can be as eventful as watching paint dry or as pleasurable as reading the dictionary. I can only hope introducing myself will be as intriguing.

Here I go reporting for my first time on CteenConnetion all the way from the 514, drum roll please… Ysabella Hazan! That’s right Ysabella with a “Y”. I am overwhelmingly excited to be apart of the CteenConnection team… yet another “Yuniqe” experience. That’s only one among many puns to add to my enormously long list of terrible jokes. Firstly, not all my jokes are bad at least I’d like to hope not. Nevertheless, I am now eager to use this outlet to be the main writer for Israeli and Jewish news, as well as being able to voice everything that my extremely opinionated 16-year-old self feels the need to shine a light on.

I believe it would only be suitable for me to explain a little more on how I have become apart of my very own Chabad family or more commonly known as a CTeen chapter. Chabad, ten steps away from my house and one big step for a super model is not only in spitting distance to me on a literal sense but is even closer to my heart. I admire how Chabad without exception welcomes Jews from all walks of life. Chabad has encouraged me to grow spiritually as well as aiding me to further my understanding of my personal Jewish identity, which I hold so close. The person I hold the most accountable is my daily inspiration Esther Rader, who portrays every good quality that can ever come in mind! Particularly, her strength to continuously fight for what she holds dear. After being an active member of my Jewish community and a “CTeen Leader” for three years, Esther had pushed me to run for “CTeen Female Leader Of The Year” to be awarded during the International Shabbaton. I’m proud to say that thanks to Esther, Rabbi Zalmy, Rabbi Moshe and Dina Krasnansky, as well as my family, friends, and fellow teens, I had the honor of winning such a prestigious award. With this award I intend to carry on promoting all the positive morals that Chabad embodies and that the Torah teaches us. To preserve my profound love and connection for the state of Israel by constantly advocating on the side of justice. Inherently, to always wear my Magen David symbolizing my Jewish identity with pride under any circumstance, and to try and help illuminate this world with the power of Mitzvoth. Shining light with the power of good deeds. For this, I am honored to be apart of this outlet that will help me do so.

Et voila, C’est moi.