Meet Rebeca

5 years ago Rebeca Price 0

Hi. My name is Rebeca Price. I was born in San Antonio, I grew up in Chicago, and I currently live in Skokie, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. I’m a junior in high school, an avid cross country runner, extremely passionate about the Land of Israel, and a proud Jew. I love mango sorbet, face masks, watching too much Netflix, and the Cteen community.

I heard about Cteen for the first time during freshman year when my best friend tried unsuccessfully to get me to come to an event. Eventually I relented and went to Cteen’s Purim event freshman year. I immediately wanted to become more involved. Unfortunately, I lived too far to attend Cteen regularly, and did not go again until sophomore year.

I finally became involved with my local Cteen chapter December of my sophomore year when I moved to Skokie, the suburb of Chicago where my Cteen chapter is located. I have loved every minute I have been involved with Cteen. I love hanging out with my chapter, I love the friendships I have made with members from all across the country, I love the events, and I love the shabbatons.

This past Summer, I spent a month in San Antonio, Texas, visiting my grandparents. In San Antonio, I connected with several teenagers in the community over our mutual involvement in Cteen. We agreed to make a Skokie-San Antonio shabbaton happen, even though the odds are unlikely. We planned on connecting at other Cteen events, including the international Shabbaton, and it was in there that I realized what Cteen meant to me: a community of other Jewish teens who love Judaism I can access anywhere in the world.