Meet Our Leaders!

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By Adina Ichilov/S. Antonio, TX

The start to the new school year also means the start of a new CTeen leadership board. Some of these leaders have had experience from previous years and some of them are new, but everyone has one main goal in mind: to help make their CTeen chapter thrive and flourish.

My name is Adina Ichilov and I am a senior from CTeen San Antonio. This will be my third year as a leader and I am looking forward to everything. Whether it is meeting new members or attending events, especially the Shabbaton, I am so thrilled to see what my final year in CTeen has to offer!

Let’s Meet Some of the Other Leaders:

Evie Marx is junior from CTeen Columbus. Evie has been a leader for two years and she is most excited to meet the incoming freshmen and become closer friends with everyone in her  chapter throughout the year! Also, she is super excited to see all of her international friends at NYC Shabbaton!

Matias Landau is a senior from CTeen Knoxville. This is his third year as a leader. The thing he is most excited about for this year is winning Male Leader of the Year with the help of my amazing chapter.

Mitchel Zilbershteyn is a senior from CTeen Bucks County. This is his first year as a leader.  The things he is most excited for this year is seeing all of the friends he made at the international shabbatons and hopefully making this years Shabbaton the best one yet because it is his last one.

Shai Fichtelberg is a junior from CTeen Sonoma. Shai has been a leader for two years. She is most excited to meet new people and grow her chapter. She says that every year she meets some of the most amazing people through the leadership group chat and it is also a great way to learn from each other and grow together.

Sarah Gadd is a senior from CTeen Naperville. This is her third year as a leader and she is excited for everything especially the International Shabbaton hats!