Match Made in…CTeen

11 months ago The Connections Staff 0

Ethan Benenson// Hunterdon County, NJ

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Sara Lewis was part of CTeen Conejo, California, when she met Brandon Jadidi. The fateful day was at Hebrew High, the Hebrew School program at Chabad of Conejo. Sara holds that she thought Brandon was “cute” at first glance, but Brandon denies that this could ever be true.

“He went to Agoura Hills high school and I went to Thousand Oaks,” Sara explains. “…if it weren’t for Hebrew High and CTeen, we probably would never have met.”

Their relationship began to take root when Sara started attending CTeen events. Sara and Brandon got to know each other better at the Lag B’omer celebration, and then especially on a CTeen hike. Sara says that after this momentous walk through the wilderness of Conejo, they “…began seeing each other and hanging out more often.”

Besides for meeting Brandon, CTeen was the center of Sara’s social circle throughout high school and led her to the Shabbaton, where she made even more friends at all the activities. “One of my favorite moments was a conversation game I played at the INTL Shabbaton…I met teens from all around the world.”

Sara confesses that when entering CTeen, she was “quite shy,” but was still able to make many friends through the fun events and experiences she got involved in.

“I had my own little crew…” Sara says. “When everyone is at the event together, and singing Havdalah, and things like that—you just get closer.”

Brandon also found a second home at CTeen. He was an early member and one of the first Bar Mitzvah students the Chabad rabbi at Conejo ever had. Just like it did for Sara, CTeen and the Shabbaton gave Brandon a chance to meet all kinds of different people. “Shabbaton was awesome,” Brandon reminisces. “It was incredible to be going down the street and being like, ‘Oh I know you from Virginia, I know you from Manchester’—those are people I would have never met and it was just a great experience when I was there.”

Now Sara and Brandon are married, both students at California State University, Northridge. They are still forever thankful for the role CTeen played in their lives. “Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your significant other at the next CTeen event!” Sara laughs.